Our market


The lingerie is discovered to be displayed as a garment in the female wardrobe. The collections developed in DOGI International Fabrics include constant innovations that represent footprints in the world of fabrics: the Sari, subtle and ethereal; Crystal, luxurious and functional; WINN, cosmetic and beauty. Fabrics that are a second skin and show again the creative and commercial vocation from the design team of DOGI.



DOGI has always seen swimwear as part of the clothes, not only a functional garment, but a way of dressing. We are creative and innovative to develop fabrics, with a great fashion sense combined with a variety in constructions. Through the richness of DOGI swimwear collections, we present fabrics that contribute with new ideas in this segment as Dazzling, with its iridescent brightness and Liquid, compact and modern.




One of the great challenges of the DOGI International Fabrics collections is to meet the real needs from the world of sport. Our fabrics aim to achieve strength, comfort and usefulness at the same time, to ensure maximum breathability and elongation. Our family of new bielastic simplex, with great support and handle, secure the freedom of movement required for the physical activity. DOGI fabrics help athletes to obtain their goals.