DOGI was founded in 1954 by the Domenech family. The company focused on the Spanish market until 1993, when they took the first step towards internationalization to start, three years later, the road to globalization. In 1998 debuted successfully in the Spanish stock and is currently listed on the Madrid stock market.

Dates / Highlights from 1993:
1994.- Opening a sales office in Paris
1995.- Launch of the collections with electronic jacquard machines
1995.- Acquisition of Elastelle in France
1996.- Launch of polyamide microfiber fabrics with warp knit machines
1998.- IPO and opening of a sales office in United Kingdom
1999.- Open trade offices in Mexico and Hong Kong
2001.- Acquisition of factories in Germany, China, Philippines and Thailand
2002.- Launch of the sub brand policy Dogi, Penn
2003.- First expansion of China Dogi
2004.- Launch of “Dogi Brands”
2006.- Dogi II construction starts (El Masnou)
2007.- Purchase of  Elastic Fabrics of America, a manufacturing facility in USA
2008.- Transfer to new Dogi II facilities in the Masnou (Barcelona)
2010.- Dogi out of chapter 11. Sale of subsidiaries of Sri Lanka and Thailand
2010.- Dogi Launches New Logo Reliability & Innovation to enhance the company values
2011.- Launch of CRISTAL and SARI products, 2 new concepts for intimate apparel.
2012.- INTERFILIERE awards DOGI with  “Createur de l’Année 2012″
2013.- Shoot down China plant
2014.- Sherpa becomes major shareholder