Being a sustainable  and profitable company  through the creation, design and production of fabrics Winn (Wellness & Innovation) that meet market needs.


Provide the market with  innovative and creative  stretch fabrics,  at competitive costs,  with high levels of quality and service.

Strategic value

  • Customer commitment

We work professionally to meet the needs of our customers and become one of their keys to success.

  • Teamwork

Only through collaboration, coordination and respect among all members of our company, we will reach the fulfillment of the goals we have set.

  • Guidance to people

We want to be a profitable and sustainable paying close attention to one of our greatest assets, people. We believe in our employees and we want your welfare and that of the communities in which we operate.

  • Efficiency and Effectiveness

Constantly seek the most efficient and most effective way to carry out our work.We think that there is always a better way of doing things.

  • Effort

We understand the difficulties involved in the competitive environment. Therefore,we pledge to strive to overcome them and get to meet the needs of our customers and meeting the goals we have set.